Major Customers



  • Developed EMC filter for Next Infantry Armored Vehicle (15 types).
  • Have developed and supplied EMC filter for Anti-submarine Vertical Launcher.
  • EMC consulting for Next MLRS (15 types).
  • Have developed and delivered EMC filter for K10 components.
  • Developing remote weapon controller for Search Robot (2017).
  • Developing high-response fire controller for self-propelled howitzer (2018).
  • Developing high-response loading controller for self-propelled howitzer (2018).
  • Electromagnetic wave test service for high-mobility hybrid project (2015).
  • EMC service for the system and 2 components of RCWS 12.7mm (2015).
  • Developed remote weapon drive controller for Patrol Robot (2015).

Hyundai Rotem

  • Performed EMC technical development service for Next Tank (Jan 1, 2004 - Aug 31, 2007).
  • Developed EMC filters for Next Tank components (13 types).
  • Performed development service for replacing EMC for hydrogen blower motor of fuel cell vehicle (Nov 2008).
  • Developed and supplied EMC filter for power supply of Singapore electric vehicle (2007).
  • Performed development service for EMI/EMC countermeasure for the power generator of Light Tactical Vehicle (2013~).
  • EMI/EMC technology service for the power generator.
  • Developed electromagnetic wave technology for power generator of New NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle (2015).


  • Developed TICN air conditioning controller / EMC technology service (March 2011 - present).
  • Development of biotoxin monitoring power supply and its EMI test service (12 years): under mass production.
  • Developed power supply / compressor controller and their EMC countermeasures for New NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle (for vehicle) (2015).

LIG Nex1

  • Low altitude radar_EMC development test support and filter development (2011).
  • Joint execution of ADD project-HEMP filter development (2013).


  • Carrying out EMC service for 501 vehicle (July 2015-).
  • EMC development and mass production of parts for Light Tactical Vehicle.
  • EMC technical service for Multipurpose Tactical Vehicle HEV (October 2015).
  • Development and mass production of EMC filters for components of K131/10 ton Rescue Vehicle/ New Ambulance.
  • EMC development service for 5/4 ton export cars (February 2014).


  • Developing and supplying EMC for satellite communication equipment (2007).
  • Developed EMC for Hamdanchu radar system (2009).
  • TASS electromagnetic test service (2015).
  • EMC test technology service for military satellite terminal (2015).


  • Developed and supplied EMC filter for electric winch of 6000ton classship(2016).
  • Jumong P/J inverter EMC service (2016).
  • Submarine optical system EMC improvement support (2017).


  • Signed a contract for assembly of FFX-2 propulsion motor (2017-).
  • 'Black Shark' EMC technical service (2016).
  • Development and production of cooling controller and large-capacity propulsion motor for Jangbogo 3.
  • Solar inverter EMC development service (2008).
  • MG SET EMI technical service (2010).
  • EMC technical service for deceleration controller of Surface Vessel (2011).


  • EMC development service for nuclear powered equipment.
  • Participated in the equipment development of Shin-Gori, and Uljin Units 3 and 4.
  • Participated in the equipment development of Hanul Unit 3.
  • Participated in the equipment development of Shin-Gori Units 5 and 6 (2016).