EMC Consulting


As a Total Solution Provider, I-Spec offers professional EMC consulting services.

We provide optimal services tailored to the client's requirements. Following the agreed-upon schedule and testing approach, we validate the design through preliminary tests and seamlessly proceed to formal approval.

Consulting process

Request reception

  • Received EMC consulting request from customer

Discussion on test plan

  • Negotiation of required schedule and test plan
  • EMC control plan preparation and optimization design solution provided


  • EMC optimization design verification through step-by-step testing
  • Judgment and verification of the appropriateness of the applicable measures

Formal approval test

  • Verification of standards and preparation of test procedures through accredited institute tests

I-Spec’s EMC laboratory

  • Electromagnetic wave countermeasure (draft) adequacy judgment and electromagnetic wave pre-test
  • Electromagnetic wave analysis and EMI filter optimization design