EMC Total Consulting

We provide professional EMC consulting with excellent technical expertise.

We conduct research on technologies and components for electromagnetic interference (EMI/EMC) reduction to address EMI/EMC issues. As a comprehensive electromagnetic solution company, I-Spec provides customized electromagnetic technology consulting for businesses.

Consulting Field

Military industry standard

  • MIL-STD-461A~G
  • MIL-STD-464A~C
  • MIL-STD-1275A, 220B, 285

Automotive industry standard

  • KS, CISPR, IEC, 2004/104/EC&2005/83/EC, EN, FCC
  • GM, FORD, DC, HMC, KMC, hybrid fuel cell
  • GMDAT, SYMC, RSM EMC standard

Special standard

  • EPRITR(Remote standard), IACS(Shipbuilding standard)
  • RTCA/DO-160(Aircraft standard)
  • IEC/EN60601-1(Medical Equipment standard)
  • Solar power, wind power generation, and other special industries

Military Support


EMC control plan creation and design solution provided


EMC design verification through step-by-step testing

Product Completion

Appropriateness judgment and verification

Product Verification

Verification of standards and preparation of test procedures through testing by accredited institutions

Automotive Support

Overseas certification agency

FCC, IC, CE(R&TTE), E/e, CCC, SASO etc.

EMC Measures

Electrical equipment EMC problem analysis measures/post-management

EMC Standards

Test Plan Consulting / AEMCLRP Overseas Testing / Certification Consulting