I-Spec is conducting research and development in various fields.

As a Total Solution Provider in the defense industry sector, we will understand and analyze customer demands with an open heart and continue to provide tailored solutions.


HEMP/Facility Filter


Defense service performance

K21 Tank
Developed 15 types of EMC filters
K2 Tank
EMC technology service and developed 13 types of filters
Solar Inverter
EMC technical service
Multiple rocket launcher
EMC technical service and filter development
Hyunmoo Missile
EMC technical service and filter development
1500 horsepower engine ECU for K2 Tank
EMC technical service
Light Tactical Vehicle
EMC technical service and filter development
EMC technical service
501 vehicles
EMC technical service and filter development
Black shark torpedo
EMC technical service
Unmanned search vehicle
EMC technical service and filter development
Medium tactical vehicle
EMC technology services


Main equipment controller development and production performance

Biological sample collector power supply and central computer
Dry detoxification technology power supply
TICN air conditioner controller
Wheeled armored vehicle
Cooling fan controller
J-III Submarine
Cooling controller, Large-capacity propulsion motor
Sea water pump
Inverter system development for main cooling seawater pump starter, loading controller

Civil service performance

Daeyang Medical
EMC problem consulting
Nooga Medical
Electromagnetic wave certification consulting
Hyundai Motor
HEV integrated inverter electromagnetic wave design technology service
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
EMC Consulting (Aviation Standard)
Nuclear power plant
  • Nuclear power plant EMC technology service
  • Yeonggwang Nuclear Power Plant EMC Test
  • Shinuljin Unit 1/2 Q-Class PCB EMC Consulting
Gene analyzer
EMC Consulting, EMC Education Consulting

Civil service standards EN55011, IEC100-4 Series, and nuclear power plant standards EPRITR, etc.